Tuesday, April 10, 2012

ECCC recap and FanExpo Vancouver

Thank you to everyone that stopped bu in Emerald City Comic Con a couple of weeks ago.
I had a great time at the show meeting everyone.

One of the best show I have had so far and I am looking forward to next year already.

Friday was really busy. Way busier than last year. My kids loved running around at the show and had a great time chasing everyone dressed up as a Star Wars character.

Saturday was stupid busy. I left the table to get a crepe (oh they have the best crepes just outside of the convention centre) and pretty much ran back to the table as quick as I could due to the mobs of people everywhere. You could hardly move. If there is one compliant (a very small one), it would be larger aisles on the show floor (oh and more garbage cans). I stayed behind the table pretty much all of Saturday just to avoid trying to move on the floor.

Sunday was more relaxed. Still busy but not crazy busy like Saturday. I sold a few more books. Sold out the sheets for the Hare and Large Centuri Paper Toys. I thought that was pretty cool. Not bad considering I did not even have the sheets out on the table for Friday.

So, all in all ECCC was a wicked show. I already have a table booked for next year (got a booth for next year), so it will be year number 9 for me. One away until the big 10 year anniversary of Centuri WOTN. I gotta start pumping out the work to really make the upcoming years even better than this year.

On April 21st and 22nd, I will be in Vancouver for FAN EXPO Vancouver

It is the first year of the show and the first 2 day comic book show in Vancouver that I can remember. Really hoping it does great because Vancouver needs/deserves a big COMIC CON. There are just too many talented creators in the area to not have one.

Below is a map of the show floor and were you can find me in you are in the area. Be sure to pop by and check it out.


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