Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Calgary Expo 2012 recap

Thank you to all that came out the the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this past weekend. We had a blast at the show. To all the people that stopped by the table Thank you for making it such a great show. We look forward to coming back next year.

A couple of links to some great creators that I meet at the show.

Mike Boldt of Boldtman Studios

Amazing artist and super nice guy. Totally missed out Sunday but maybe we can try again next year.

Caanan Grall creator of Max Overacts

Again another great artist and super nice guy. I also got an amazing commission from him. The scan does not do it justice. One of my favorite drawings of Centuri.

One of the coolest things happened at the convention though. My son finally did a drawing of his dads character. After telling me that his was going to draw him for the past year or so he finally did it and he rocked it.

I also forgot to post this wicked commission that I had gotten done by Jasin Martin of Super Real Graphics back at the Jet City Comic Show in September. Check it out.

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  1. Hey man,

    Not sure if you'll remember but I met you pretty much at the end of the last day of the CCEE, I was a vendor so I didn't get around to getting stuff I wanted until the last minute, and I saw your booth at the VanFanExpo but didn't get a chance to grab anything, so I bought a book and you hooked it up with a paper figure (so sweet btw).

    Anyway, I'm enjoying the book man, keep doing what you're doing! You gave me your card so I could contact you about our webcomic, so here it is! Hope to hear from you man! Take care!