Thursday, February 28, 2013

Emerald City Comic Con tomorrow

Hello Everyone.

I am off to Emerald City Comic Con this weekend. The biggest Comic Con in the Pacific Northwest. If you haven't been to this Con and you are in the area you need to go if you can. It is a blast.

The show hours are:

2pm -8pm on Friday

10am -7pm on Saturday


10am to 5pm on Sunday.

I am at Booth 101, one of the first tables when you walk in to the Con by the ticket registration area.

Volume One and Volume Two of Centuri Way of the Ninja will be available at the show, ECCC being the debut of Volume Two.

I will also have all of the BIT+ Paper Toy available either as a DIY sheet or Assembled already in a box, as well as several new BIT+ Paper Toys from Series 5 "Indy Legends" that will be debuting at the show.

I will also have a new series of BIT+ debuting called BIT+MINI. The first of the BIT+MINI to be released is Series 1 "the Marvelous". The little Paper Toys stand at approx 3/4 of an inch tall, so for those of yo that have little shelf space left, this works perfectly.

If you are in the Seattle area be sure to stop by Booth 101 and say hello.

Everyone have a good weekend.



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